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Beautiful street art murals against graffiti in Jersey City

In New Jersey city two new murals to enrich the street art scene enhance the beauty of the city.



Beautiful street art murals against graffiti in Jersey City

In 2013 has been launched an ambitious program in Jersey City, to connect mural artists with property owners, turning Jersey City into a sprawling art gallery. During these years artists from all around the world have produced more than 130 murals.

One of my favourite is the huge murales of David Bowie, created by the Brazilian Eduardo Kobra.

In an interview Kobra says “Bowie’s creativity and vision had always inspired me, I was delighted to have the opportunity to paint it on such a tall building. It is my way of keeping his memory alive among people who embrace him”

The building is really impressive, we are talking about 180 feet tall, for sure you feel intimidated looking at it! But Kobra has made much more paintings, including smaller ones on traffic boxes focused on the importance of the sustainability.

The latest murales painted this summer is from two German Artists: MadC and 1010. MadC is an artist known for her large-scale, outdoor artistic paintings. She started painting at the age of 16th. Her style mixes science, fiction and fantasy, and is influenced by artists like Van Gogh.

1010 paints murals that seems to disappear within the walls on which they are painted, each work has an optical illusion and create a kind 3D effect. Their murals in Jersey City is their highest mural to date – 55m/180 feet/18 floors, painted with skills and MOLOTOW PREMIUM Spraypaint and now it is the largest mural in that area!

They have been a lot of controversy in the last six years, but overall the project had a very positive effect reducing the biggest problem of vandalism and graffiti.

The beautiful thing is that who was deturping the area with graffiti is now part of the program to create paid and beautiful murals.

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