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India, the tallest statue in the world is completed

In India, the tallest statue in the world has just been realised. Built for the leader of the Indian independence movement, Sardar Patel, the monument is 182 meters high.



India, the tallest statue in the world is completed

In India the construction of what will be the tallest statue in the world has just ended up and its inauguration will take place on October 31st. The monument is dedicated to Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel, known more simply as Sardar Patel, the Indian deputy, prime minister and leader of the movement that led to India’s independence from the British Empire.

Named “Statue of Unity”, it was built in the State of Gujarat, on the island of Sadhu-Bet, precisely within the colony of Kevadiya, in the district of Narmada, at about 230 km from Ahmedabad, the main city in the western state of Gujarat.

The project was announced for the first time on October 7th 2010, while the construction began on October 31st 2013, during the 138th anniversary of Patel’s birth. The cost is 29.8 billion rupees, so more than 350 million of Euro.

It’s an historically accurate representation of Patel, wearing characteristic clothes, in a walking position.

The realisation was decided in 2013 by Narendra Modi, that time Prime Minister of Gujarat and today head of the Indian government, as he considers Patel, who died in 1950, a highly symbolic historical figure.

Patel, in fact, managed to convince over 550 states that were under British control to join one big country.


The structure, in steel, reinforced with concrete and bronze cladding, it is formed by a 58 meters high base that together with the 182 meters of statue will reach a total height of 240 meters.

It will be almost 30 meters higher than the “Spring Temple of Buddha” in China, which with its total 153 meters holds the current world record since 2002.

The new Statue of Unity will be 44 meters higher than the Sardar Sarovar dam, in front of which it is built, it will be twice times higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York and almost 5 times higher than the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro.

The Memorial

The project includes a large complex of complementary structures. The three-level base of the statue will contain a commemorative garden and a large museum / exhibition hall, which will tell the story of the country and the deputy prime minister as well exhibit objects of Patel’s life.

Inside the statue there will be a hotel and an observation point with a breathtaking view, just in the chest of the statue. Fast elevators will reduce transit times for visitors. Visitors will be entertained in the large modern public square, looking to the Narmada River and the statue, offering food stalls, souvenir shops, retail kiosks and other services.

The observation deck, located at 500 feet heigh from the river bed, will accommodate up to 200 people providing visitors a panoramic view, allowing them to see the beautiful Satpura, the Vindhyachal mountain ranges and the Sarar reserves and of Garudeshwar. There will also be an access to the statue via a 5 km boat ride. Roads and bridges are under construction to connect the structure to the city of Kevadia.

The Statue of Unity, however, will be the tallest statue in the world for a short time.

In India, on an island located almost 4 kilometers from Mumbai, in 2019 should begin the construction of another statue 212 meters high, dedicated to the Hindu leader Chhatrapati Shivaji.

In his honor the airport and the main railway station of the city will take his name. The statue of Mumbai will be completed in 2021 with more than 420 million euros investment.

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