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Last UN report: ice and oceans are facing major risks

The last UN report states that the environmental situation we are living is putting under threat hundred of millions of people, especially in the costal areas.



Last UN report: ice and oceans are facing major risks

Environmental changes are happening in unprecedented ways. This is what the intergovernamental panel on climate change, also called IPCC (the U.N. body Studying the impact of human activities on global warming) is stating in his last report: the equilibrium in our globe iscompromised, ice is melting, glaciers are reduced and impacts on populations will not delay.

The higher risk is for the populations living in the low lying coastal areas, that will pay the higher cost.

The IPCC Vice Chair Ko Barrett states the oceans act as a sponge, taking carbon dioxide and heating up as a temperature regulator. This can’t last forever. The man is raping the ecosystem with disrespectful behaviours since decades and the consequences will be heavy.

We need to take care to ecosystem health  and leave the world in good shape to our children.

IPCC published this third report on the topic and to its preparation have contributed more than 100 scientists from more than 30 countries.

Miriam Goldstein, a director of ocean policy at the Center for American Progress, states that each year we lost, each year the oceans become warmer and more acidic, and the side effects are hurricanes, death of coral reef and survival of the population living close to the cost, that is the 40% or the world’s population.

The solutions is the strong reduction of the greenhouses gas now. But we are very far from this scenario, the global carbon emissions reached the record in 2018 getting the sad primacy of the four hottest year ever.

Taehyn Park, global climate political advisor working in Greenpeace East Asia, says that the rising of sea level is dramatically speeding up with ice melting. Only unprecedented political actions can avoid the most tragic disaster in our planet.

The solution is to phase out fossils fuels as well removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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