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Food for pets: some of people food can be very toxic for our little friends

We all know how our pets are looking to our food when we are eating! We need to be very careful and check what we can share or not with them.



Food for pets: some of people food can be very toxic for our little friends

Any time we have food our pet want to taste it, but some food can be toxic for them. We need to know when sharing is possible, so when it’s ok, or when it can be a big issue for them, states Lisa Lippman, DVM.

So there are food that definitely we can’t share with our pets, let’s have a look together:


Chocolate has a higher quantity of theobromine, a molecule that is a kind of caffeine.

Theobromine has a lot of positive effects in humans, but can have an adverse effect with our pets, as it speeds up the heart rate of the pet and as a diuretic and muscle relaxant action.

Another important point is that the quantity of theobromine is not the same in all the type of chocolate, meaning that some of them can be more toxic than others.


This is a substance used as substitute of the classic sugar and can be really dangerous for our pets.

We can find it in a wide range of products, as chewing gum, baked product or simply in the toothpaste.

The big issue is that even if a small amount is eaten it can cause the release of massive amount of insuline; and so severe life threatening, low blood sugar and even liver failure.

Other foods

But there are other foods that for Lippman are really really harmful: the grapes as well the raisins, the currants, the Macadamia nuts, onions, and garlic. These foods can be deadly for our friends.

Even if we are not sure but we just have a suspect our pets ate these foods, we need to call immediately the animal poison control center, and get direction on what to do.

There are other foods people think are toxic but they aren’t as blueberries or watermelon, carrots or green beans.

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