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How to raise a good men: a mom guide

Raising boys to be sensitive, respectful and disciplined we’d have fewer episodes of adult not behaving good.



How to raise a good men: a mom guide

I was raised by a strong single mother, for 16 years it was just me and her. She raised me with few money, without the possibility of making any vacation, without brand name dress or shoes.

She was making the nanny that time, so she was dealing with other children too. She was telling me that her scope was to have a kind child, a person admired, for my future and for the world.

For here there were some golden rules to follow, here a listed for you.

Be kind and empathic

This can be summed up with a single word: be a gentleman. She wanted me to be kind and also charitable. In fact to this point I was in a parochial school, where these values were reinforced.

She was really present in my life, for sure I made mistakes, as when during Christmas I was removed from the choir because disrupting rehearsal with other boys.

But I can say I learnt the lesson!!

Take care to words

In our house there was no tolerance policy for derogatory language. The few times I was talking to her with bad words, she was angry and she always ended up saying” Don’t you ever use that word to describe any woman, ever”.

Have self-confidence

She was pushing a lot to make me built self confidence. She pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, to engage with wider world as well strangers. For me this was instrumental as I do believe in myself and I am sharing the same approach with my family and daughters today.

Emphasize family ties

For my mother it was also key to have a strong self identity, internalising the family even if with issues and fractures as we had.

For sure these tips are not only for sons but also for daughters, and future generations

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