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How to teach our kids to help others

Nowadays our children are increasingly using digital games and smartphones. Being able to teach emotions becomes therefore fundamental



How to teach our kids to help others

Our children live in a digital age where smartphones and tablets are increasingly present and are able to capture their attention.

All this, however, must be contained and it is essential that parents try to divert their attention from digital devices. It is important, in fact, to teach them not to notice only the material aspects of the world around them.

Children must be taught feelings, how recognize them and how to interface with others. According to educational psychologists, in fact, parents must teach their children to recognize the emotions of the people around them, to understand if they are sad or happy and if they need help. In the same way, they will have to learn to relate to them correctly.

In the age of texting and smartphones parents should promote face-to-face communications. In practice, just as we teach our children the numbers and letters of the alphabet in the same way we should teach them emotions.

If we want to teach our children empathy, even TV and digital devices can help us. In fact, we can use them to read stories or watch videos on books based on empathy and feelings and then discuss with them.

To sensitize and teach them to understand and respect others it is also important to put them in front of diversity, make them understand that being different, by religion or culture, does not mean not being able to share other aspects of social life.

It will only be an added value that will make the relationship with others even more interesting because we will have the opportunity to learn about new things and completely different lifestyles and cultures.

Kindness and empathy must be made a true family habit. Giving a good example at home and paying attention to others must be a common habit. In this way our children will learn to take care of others in a completely natural way.

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