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After 40 losing weight is more difficult. A study explains why

Losing weight after 40 is difficult? A study explains why this happens and what we need to pay attention to



After 40 losing weight is more difficult. A study explains why

Over the age of 40, it is more difficult to lose weight and reduce the waist centimeters. The body tends to gain weight faster due to hormonal changes.

This is the age in which menopause is approaching and a study by Uppsala University in Lyon and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has shown that, due to hormonal change, adipocytes slow the exchange of fat. Because of the dense fat (due to the adipocytes), the metabolism slows down and the body suffers bringing an increase in the appetite in the woman.

The study was conducted on 104 subjects showing that the replacement speed contained in adipose tissue decreased with age (with consequent weight gain). The difficulty in losing weight is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle that does not lead to the development of lean mass.

We should take care of the consumption of lean proteins from legumes, fish and white meat. The fish also contains omega 3 which plays an anti-inflammatory role. Phytoestrogens, contained in soy, whole grains, legumes and sunflower seeds, block the feeling of hunger.

Avoid introducing high glycemic index carbohydrates which lead to the storage of glucose in the form of fat.

A key tip is to make 5/6 meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism high and avoid evening “binges”. Fruits and vegetables help with water retention and provide the micronutrients needed for a healthy body.

Pay attention to calcium and iron that must be introduced to avoid problems with bones and teeth. Sport always comes first in every age group, through targeted exercises you can increase your lean mass and eliminate fat mass. You should contact a specialist in the field to be aware of a specific diet for personal needs and be able to eliminate excess pounds.

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