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Cannabis use during pregnancy is linked to premature birth

The use of cannabis during pregnancy seems to be linked to premature birth. Here’s what recent studies says and what may happen



Cannabis use during pregnancy is linked to premature birth

Disorders during pregnancy can be particularly annoying. Nausea and lack of appetite often lead women to lose weight during pregnancy rather than take it and this affects not only the quality of life of the pregnant woman but also the health of the fetus.

More and more women, therefore, in order to find relief begin to use drugs, in particular cannabis. In fact, thanks to substances such as CBD and THC, two of the main components of cannabis, pregnant women see their disorders disappear. No more nausea or lack of appetite: they become only a distant memory and this allows women to consume more abundant meals with less problems.

Recently, however, the Food and Drug Administration has looked at the link between cannabis used in pregnancy and premature births. As stated, in fact, cannabis would succeed and cross the placenta affecting the development of the fetus. Recent studies have also shown that cannabis can pass to the baby even through breast milk.

In particular, it seems that cannabis use can be linked to the premature birth of the fetus.

Over time, a real debate has arisen on this topic, as reported by Dr. TorriuMetz, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Utah, who has studied the use of marijuana during pregnancy. “You can find results that say that marijuana does not have an impact on pregnancy outcomes and you can find other studies that say that it does,” she says.

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