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Doctors discover ‘football-sized’ cyst on woman’s ovary: “The pain was worse than childbirth”

A woman discovered a huge ovarian cyst that caused her a lot of pain during the last year. Here what happened and her message to other women



Doctors discover 'football-sized' cyst on woman’s ovary: "The pain was worse than childbirth"

A British woman discovered she had a foodball-sized cyst that grew in her ovary and that now prevented her from eating and breathing normally. For this reason, she has lost a lot of weight during the last year.

Emma Corcoran, 43, told SWNS, a British press agency, that during this year she has asked the opinion of several doctors to understand the origin of its symptoms but they all claimed that it was anxiety.

“I think they thought I was a nutter or a hypochondriac,” she said. “Even I thought I was going mad at times. But the pain was worse than childbirth. “

The woman, however, began to notice something strange in her stomach and, when the pain became unbearable, the woman collapsed. She was then taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent where a CT scan revealed the truth: all her symptoms were caused by a huge cyst. Specifically it was an ovarian dermoid cyst, which may contain hair, skin or teeth that are formed from embryonic cells.

“Dermoid cysts can become large, causing the ovary to move out of position. This is an opportunity for painful twisting of your ovary, called ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion may also result in decreasing or stopping blood flow to the ovary, ” the clinic states.

The woman was immediately subjected to surgery to remove the mass. Unfortunately, however, surgeons also had to remove the right ovary and part of the fallopian tubes.

Now she has returned to a normal life but does not forget what happened to her. “I want every woman to read my story and get help if they are even a little worried,” she said. “Listen to your body because you know what’s best”.

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