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Five reasons that make you understand when you need a break

It’s crucial to stay healthy , but you can easily understand if you are overtrained by checking if you have one or more of the 5 symptoms described in the article, let’s have a read together.



Five reasons that make you understand when you need a break

Sometime the desire of changing quickly our body shape can create us some issues!

When we over work we can cause injury to our body, pain in our knees, hurt in our quads, and sometime this is just because we didn’t take some rest! So what to do? We need to understand what happens to our body when we run exercise.

“When we exercise we create a bit of trauma” says Noam Tamir, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of TS Fitness New York City.

It’s the trauma that creates micro tears in the muscles and when they heal the muscles become stronger.

But Tamir adds “harder the work, harder the stress and so it’s crucial to take proper rests to allow the body recovering” “if this is not done, we are creating more issues than benefits”

Furthermore Workout it’s not only a muscle exercise, but a full body exercise, involving digestion, kidney processes, hormone productions etc.

So let’s see the five reasons that make us understand when we need a break

1. You’re always aching

Here we need to be very careful, because a bit of aching is normal after a workout, especially if it’s very hard, or when we start exercising after a long time of stop. But if the exercise are a routine we can’t constantly feeling aching.

Topically muscles must rest 24 to 48 hours, this time frame gives them the ability to recover the shape. So if we feel aching respects these pauses it’s possible we have exaggerated with the sessions.

The Rice University says that “overtraining is happening when we are repeatively stressed by training to the point that the rest is not allowing the recovery”

Constant aching, pain, frequent sickness are all possibles side effects of overtraining. But the solution is easy, just take some rest for few days!!

2. You’re always feeling tired and fatigued

Tiredness, fatigue and even depression are other symptoms of overtraining.

We all know the benefit effects of exercise, that should bring happiness thanks to the release of endorphins- that are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress, called “feel-good” chemicals because they act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

But endorphins are associated with the production of cortisol, a hormone produced by the body under stress, like anger, anxiety, fear, that ultimately inflames and damages our organs.

3. Your pulse is not normal.

Your pulse can reveal you if you are overtraining, so nothing more simple than control it! For Tamir pulse must be checked in the morning, if too high, it means you are not ready to workout.

That’s the easiest check to do! The same if it is too low, this can indicate an overtraining too! Everything clear? So start checking.

4. You’re stiff like wood

If you feel stiff like a wood table, if you can’t pick something from the without cracking, can be another signal of overtraining.

In fact if the movements are not proper, and we feel rigid and blocked, we can create issues in the movement pattern.

Tamir recommend always to stretch during the days of rest, because this activity helps the recovery and prevent issues.

5. The urines are dark yellow.

There are a lot of people that start making exercises when they are already dehydrated. Urine is a very powerful indicator of our hydration and a simple look to the color can easily telling us our situation!

We need approximately 45 minutes to recover from a medium dehydration, and we can’t rehydrate during the workout session!! So if you face this issue relax, stretch and drink water!

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