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“Just breath” is not at all the best sentence you can say to an anxious subject!

For the therapists some logic sentences related to calm, in anxious subjects, can have the opposite effect.



“Just breath” is not at all the best sentence you can say to an anxious subject!

The mindful breathing, “the deep breathing”, is really important in anxious subjects, but not in all the situations.

In fact, when living a specific stressful event, if we give the reco to breath or stay calm, we’re implying the feeling the subject is living is not ok. This can create a sort of “shame” around the feeling the subject is living.

Ultimately the subject can suppress the emotions and when the feeling are pushed down they tend to come back bigger later. Furthermore the anxiety is cyclical and negative thinking feeds negative thinking.

If we recommend to stay calm, but the subject can’t manage it, he ends up staying worse than before as he realise he is not able to manage the situation. Furthermore breathing exercises technique are not equal and may not be the best for that person.

For some people deep breaths could be the optimum, while others could prefer to inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth, for example.

Controlled breathing needs also a lot of focus, so could not be ideal when making activities implying full attention due to safety concerns. If the anxiety is generated by driving, for example, being concentrate in breathing can be harmful.

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