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The most fatal cancer can be discovered in the early stage with an urine test

One of the easiest way of testing, the urine test, can now detect pancreatic cancer and increase the rate of survival up to the 60% when the cancer is small in dimensions.



The most fatal cancer can be discovered in the early stage with an urine test

A new method has been developed by scientist and allow the diagnoses of the pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive and deadly form of cancer.

What makes this method amazing is that the disease can be detected very simply and already in the very early stage, that’s a key for such kind of illness. In fact after 5 years only 5% of the patients are alive, this to say how aggressive this disease is.

This urine test has been developed by the researchers of the Queen Mary University of London, and has reached the final stage of validation, meaning it’s ready to be run on patients.

For Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic, from the Barts Cancer Institute University, the detection of the pancreatic cancer, when the dimensions are small and operable, and when the cancer has not reached other organs, will allow a significant increase of the survival rate.

To be more precise, removal of cancer with 1cm dimensions, or even smaller, will result in a 60% increase of the survival rate. Three proteins are checked in this test, that at high level, are the sign of the disease from stage one to three.

The British academy shared that in 2015 it was run a small test with 500 patients and the early diagnoses was accomplished with 90% accuracy.

Next step is a trial with 3000 patients as well 4 year clinical study, and if everything will go as expected, the test will become a standard. 10.000 new diagnoses of pancreatic cancer are made in one year only in the UK.

Being a silent disease, 85% of people affected discover the disease too late, that’s the reason of the lower survival rate.

Claire, 50 years, waited five months for a diagnosis, and she had no chances to survive. The saddest thing is that the diagnosis turns into a death certificate, because was done only five weeks before she died. A test like that can make the difference and save lives.

As the symptoms of the pancreatic cancers are very vague and can be easily mistaken with symptoms of other illness, having the possibility to run this test will make much more patients eligible for surgery, states Maggie Blanks, of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

Finally research and technology are helping us to increase survival tho this aggressive illness , improving our lives and health conditions.

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