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California: red alarm for fires

Terrible fires are ravaging California. Declared a red flag in the affected areas. Strong winds are expected in the coming hours



California: red alarm for fires

Red flag in southern California due to forest fires that have threatened the state for days. Thousands evacuated, many blackouts and homes destroyed. This is the first time a red alert of this type has been left.

The counties involved are those of Los Angeles and San Bernardino. According to forecasts, the winds will reach 128 km/h and this makes the situation even more worrying. At the moment there are over 4500 firemen employed in the areas hit by the fire. This is why the American authorities have decided to issue the red alert to secure the population.

According to Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, more than 7,000 residents have been evacuated and at least a dozen homes have been destroyed by fire. Even partially damaged houses are not safe at the moment because even a single spark is enough to ignite new fires.

The desperation of those who have lost everything at the moment due to the stake is great. The 71-year-old Wae Hoefer has indeed lost all his life in his home, now reduced to ashes. Inside, in fact, there was also his painting studio.

Similar fires have already occurred in California: in 2017, for example, a fire killed 44 people and destroyed thousands of structures.

Moments of great tension then. All that remains is to wait for the next few hours to understand what will happen and if the firemen will be able to tame the flames and consequently bring back a normal situation in the affected areas.

The men in the area are trying to minimize the damage. We must also hope that the weather conditions play in favor.

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