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Germany, a Syrian arrested: “He was planning an attack”

A 37-year-old Syrian man was arrested in Berlin because he was preparing an attack in the German capital. The investigations are still ongoing



Germany, a Syrian arrested: "He was planning an attack"

The Berlin police arrested a 37-year-old man of Syrian origin because he is suspected of committing a terrorist act.

According to the investigators, in fact, the man would have sought information on the internet to build a hand-made bomb. At that point, the Kalrsruhe Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation that led to the arrest of the young man.

The man, in fact, for some time had been exchanging messages via chat with some extremists close to Isis to succeed in his intent or to make a bomb. According to the reconstruction, the man had already bought some chemicals to produce acetone peroxide, an explosive used in many Islamic attacks. The police also searched his apartment in Berlin.

At the moment there would be no indication of the exact location of the attack, but in the chat the Syrian declared he wanted to kill as many people as possible.
There are no further details. In the next few days, further details could arrive on the terrorist attack that the man was preparing and on any of his accomplices still around.

The fear of possible terrorist attacks that could cause death and fear on the streets of the main cities of the world is back.

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