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Hong Kong police shoot and injure two demonstrators

New violent clashes between police and people in protest. A 21-year-old has undergone emergency surgery, a middle-aged man is in critical conditions



Hong Kong police shoot and injure two demonstrators

More violent clashes in Hong Kong between police and protesters, committed to blocking road traffic. At least two people would have been hit by gunshots fired by agents at Sai Wan Ho. According to local media and videos posted on social media, they were taken away by ambulance and were conscious.

Another very serious episode is that of a man who was set on fire in a day of violent clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police. It is now in critical condition for second-degree burns on 28% of the body between arms and chest.

The episode, still to be reconstructed, was reported by RTHK as happened in the early afternoon at Ma On Shan. The middle-aged man confronted a group of young activists accusing them of being “British” and not Chinese. A person would then pour him some flammable liquid and then set the flames.

Setting fire to a “person is a totally inhuman and unforgivable act”. So the governor of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, who then urged “as soon as possible the peace”.

Police launched five bursts of tear gas at Pedder Street, in the heart of the city with many offices, trying to disperse protesters in small groups trying to block transport by creating barricades on the main streets in different districts. The anger, after a weekend with over 100 arrests, increased after the repeated gunshots fired by the agents.

A 21-year-old boy is the most seriously wounded man who was hit by a close gunshot fired by a police officer: the boy, reached to the chest, was first aid and taken away when he was still conscious and then operated urgently. According to local media, he is currently in intensive care where he is under close observation.

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