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Georgia: suspect evades police and crashes at 131 mph

A 33-year-old man evaded police and crashed at 131 mph while driving down a highway.



Terrible accident in Georgia. A 33-year-old man, in fact, in an attempt to escape the police crashed at 131 mph.

According to reports, the man was aboard his Volvo down Ga. 400 in Alpharetta when it crashed into the guardrail. The police department was informed via a post on Facebook.

“He tried to exit at McFarland Pkwy but was going too fast, went airborne across McFarland, hit the concrete median, and flipped over the guardrail. He was able to walk out,” police said.

According to witnesses, the man would have accelerated at the sight of the police. At the moment there is no more information on the suspect.

“Folks, please talk to your friends and family, share this post, and be careful out there.” the department said.

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