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Paris: 5 arrested over knife attack

French police arrested 5 people accused to be linked to a knifeman who killed for policemen in Paris.



Paris: 5 arrested over knife attack

Five people were arrested because they were linked to the attack on October 3 by Mickael Harpon who killed three police and an employee. The man was then shot dead.

A story that has caused much discussion and has raised several questions about the police itself.

In fact, Harpon had been working for the police as an IT expert for several years now and 10 years ago he had converted to Islam. How is it possible that nobody has ever noticed anything in these years? How was it possible to get to this point?

On the morning of October 3rd, in fact, Harpon killed three people in two offices and two women from the Paris Police Headquaters. After the timely intervention of security men, the man was killed.

The five people arrested appear to be connected to this attack. One of them, in particular, is an imam who attended the same mosque frequented by Harpon.

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