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Manu Tuilagi inspired by Jonah Lomu ahead of Rugby World Cup semi-final

Rugby player Manu Tuilagi always wanted to play like Jonah Lomu. A passion for this sport that he cultivates as a child. Find out more



Manu Tuilagi inspired by Jonah Lomu ahead of Rugby World Cup semi-final

Ever since he was little, Manu Tuilagi has always wanted to play like the legend Jonah Lomu. Now for him, an important test is coming, the one against the All Blacks.

A passion for rugby that he has cultivated since he was a child. Manu Tuilagi, in fact, was born and raised in Samoa and in his family his five brothers play rugby. Manu, however, has always wanted to play like Lomu.

“He is a legend of the game. I wanted to play like Jonah. Growing up in Samoa, rugby is everywhere, you play every day.” Most touch rugby every evening and school, but it’s like a test every day, it’s very competitive”.

His brothers, however, have always been a great model of reference for him and over the years have been able to give him important advice, which led him to be a great player today.

“I always look to my brothers for advice. I remember my first game for England, I rang all my brothers and they said: ‘Just play your game and be yourself’. It’s a rocky road but it’s all worth it in the end.”

An important challenge, therefore, the one Manu Tuilagi is about to face. The next Rugby World Cup semi-final is going to be amazing.

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