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Nationals Won Game 1 of the World Series

Incredible victory for the Nationals who win the game 1 of the World Series. An extraordinary result that leaves the fans speechless



Nationals Won Game 1 of the World Series

There are indescribable emotions that only great passions can give. That’s what happened to the Washington Nationals who won Game 1 of the World Series 5-4 at the Minute Maid Park. An incredible victory, the first World Series victory for a Washington team since 1933.

“It’s huge,” said National Manager Dave Martinez. “They wanted a long time to get this position. I’m super happy to be part of it.” Words that make us well understand the great joy that the team and all its fans have lived for this incredible victory. A historic moment for the whole team.

Disappointment, however, for the Astros who lost the match by a whisker.

An exciting match, which led to an incredible result for a team that achieves an extraordinary victory that will certainly be remembered over time, not only by players and clubs but also by the fans, who live the same emotions.

We can keep, therefore, following the team in its next matches to find out what will happen, if there will be other similar successes. What is certain is that what is recorded is amazing. Memorable moments that are remembered for life and that remain indelible in the history of the team.

Meanwhile, the team enjoys a well-deserved victory.

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