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Shock announcement: Russia could be banned from 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Russia may not participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A decision that could come at any moment but that already seems a certainty



Shock announcement: Russia could be banned from 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Shock announcement from Rusada, the Russian anti-doping agency. Russia will be probably excluded from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, according to agency director Yuri Ganus.

Probably the same thing could also happen for the Beijing winter games 2022.

The Moscow laboratory has been accused of some inconsistent data that have already led to the exclusion of Russia from the recent World Athletics Championships in Doha.

“Russia cannot continue with certain methods,” the BBC said, “which make the situation worse. We need to put things in order”.  Yuri Ganus, director of Rusada, expects sanctions against Russia also from other international sports federations.

What’s going to happen? Will Russia also be excluded from other important sporting events?

At the moment we await new confirmations of what already seems to be a certainty. All sports federations will have to decide what to do. It therefore only remains to wait for official communications. What is certain is that Russia is facing difficult times in the world of sport.

It is to be hoped that the situation can change as soon as possible and that Russia will return to take part in important Olympic Games, giving merit to a nation to which great athletes belong who certainly suffer a lot from this situation.

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