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Tyson Fury attacked by Braun Strowman at the Performance Center

Braun Strowman’s sensational attack on rival Tyson Fury during a slack. The next match between the two athletes is much awaited by all fans



Tyson Fury attacked by Braun Strowman at the Performance Center

The next match between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury on October 31 in Saudi Arabia will certainly be memorable. In fact, what happened in these hours makes the tension very high.

In fact, Tyson Fury was attacked by Braun Strowman during a workout. The boxer was training at the Performance Center to prepare for the match when the Monster Among Men decided to attack him, taking him by surprise.

A shove while Fury took a run-up caught him by surprise. What has always been a sporting rivalry, therefore, becomes a personal duel that completely changes the situation.

The fact that Braun Strowman has decided to attack his rival during a training session is truly incredible. According to what has been declared Tyson Fury will be able to fully recover in view of the match that will be played next October 31 but what will happen in the ring is really unpredictable. Will the two wrestlers be able to follow the rules or the anger for what happened will take over?

The fans of the two athletes are waiting for further developments but above all they can’t wait to watch the long-awaited match that will tell us which of the two athletes will win.

What will happen? Will there be repercussions on the match after Strowman’s attack? Will he be penalized in any way? We’ll find out very soon.

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