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Apple Watch for Medicare Holders: how technology meets prevention

Apple Watch will be more and more useful for health monitoring and can be therefore an incredible tool. Here’s what’s happening



Apple Watch for Medicare Holders: how technology meets prevention

Smartwatches are increasingly used and popular among technology lovers. Continuous improvements and new versions thrill those who love technological devices.

However, when technology meets prevention, there are so many possibilities. In fact, more and more often, smartwatches contain apps to monitor health, for example by calculating the heart rate or by doing a small electrocardiogram.

In recent years, Apple has worked hard in this sense, trying to pay more and more attention to health and to the apps that deal with it.

Recently, Apple has made an agreement with Aetna to make Apple watch a useful tool in prevention, so as to be used in health monitoring. More and more institutions are offering it to their customers as a tool to monitor their health. All this, therefore, translates into added value for patients but also in a greater income for Apple, which could thus record an increase in sales of its Apple Watch.

What is certain is that technology in the service of health can do great things. Certainly, an Apple watch will not allow us to diagnose diseases but it can be an excellent tool to keep some diseases under control.

In the future, therefore, Apple will work more and more on the development of health apps that can make its smartwatches even more performing and useful from this point of view.

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