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Essential Phone reveals Project Gem smartphone. Unusual design and incredible features

Essential Phone reveals a new important project, Gem, that could become the center of our digital life. Find out more about this revolutionary smartphone



Essential Phone reveals Project Gem smartphone. Unusual design and incredible features

Smartphones and electronic devices in general are constantly changing. The manufacturing companies, in fact, continuously study new features, new apps and news that can amaze technology lovers and users in general.

The goal, in fact, is to make smartphones more and more efficient and increasingly useful in everyday life.

Recently, the Essential Phone has released, through Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, some images of a new smartphone that could completely revolutionize the market. It’s called Project GEM, a name that could be definitive for the smartphone soon to be on the market, and already at first sight it has revolutionary features.

An elongated shape and a completely different look from the usual makes this smartphone absolutely different from all the others we are used to. A single-camera and cover with iridescent colors that change depending on the angle from which we look at them.

A smartphone, which according to the Essential Phone statement is currently based mainly on voice commands. An AI assistant, in fact, will guide us to its use and will allow us to use the various features of the smartphone, becoming essential in everyday life.

At the moment we do not know more information about the characteristics of Gem but what is certain is that Essential Phone is working on a real revolution in which artificial intelligence and voice command play an increasingly important role.

Developers suggest that Gem could run Android and point and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor. It potentially can become the digital center of our life thanks to its features. We just can wait for more info as soon as possible.

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