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Instead of “Fortnite” a virtual black hole

It’s impossible to play the famous video game: everybody is trying to figure out what will happen next.



Instead of "Fortnite" a virtual black hole

In the last few hours millions of people have watched (and some of them are still watching) a virtual black hole that has been created within the hugely popular video game Fortnite, that makes it impossible to play with it.

The virtual black hole was created on October 13th, at the end of the tenth season of the game.

It is not clear the meaning, but it seems it is an initiative of Epic Games, the company that developed Fortnite.

Maybe the initiative is for the launch of the eleventh season; or maybe something more, since someone talks about the possible arrival of a “second chapter” very different from the first and the ten seasons.

Fortnite is a free video game (but with possible in-game purchases) for smartphones, consoles and computers, with hundreds of millions of players.

The most famous play is called Battle Royale and requires up to 100 players. In these years the game has made many and constant updates, and it’s a very lively, dynamic and funny game.

It has become a real cultural phenomenon, till when a black hole sucked everything except the players. This happened at the end of an event known as “The End”, where the end of the tenth season was expected.

On Twitter, Epic Games has even canceled all its previous tweets, leaving only the one that shows the live video of the virtual black hole.

It therefore seems certain that the virtual black hole is a move planned in advance by Epic Games to temporarily suspend the game, in view of the new season or the new chapter. It is therefore possible that Epic Games needs some time to introduce some new features, and so has decided to make it an event to talk about, thus creating the black hole.

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