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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: why to choose the Note 10 Plus

Today it is the review of the “small” Note 10, a smartphone which convinced me in terms of design and which confirms Samsung as one of the brands that succeeds to concentrate the greatest number of features within the Android One UI customization.



Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: why to choose the Note 10 Plus

This Galaxy Note 10 is not only the first of its kind, or the first “small” Note in history, but for me it is also the most beautiful Note ever made.

Small, exceptionally easy to hold, being a 6.3 inch. Built with attention to the details, with an exceptional “look & feel” and ergonomics. If we look at the screen frame ratio, this Galaxy Note 10 wins all.

A smartphone very light, due to the 3500mAh battery that does not give an infinite autonomy despite the new Exynos 9825 chipset has a production process a bit more efficient than the Exynos 9820 of the Galaxy S10 range (7nm vs 8 nm).

The element differentiating the Gamma Note 10 is the central hole in the display.

It is clear that the freedom to place holes everywhere create some issues when using Google Maps: during navigation we perceive the central camera is too low and so very close to the green travel directions banner. A similar issue with Telegram where the words “wait for the network”, “connect” and others and are cut.

Small things, nothing penalising the daily use, but surely there are much more applications, that I have not tried or that I do not use, that will have this type of “conflicts”.

The Galaxy Note 10 is very appreciated for its aesthetics, materials and construction. The Galaxy Note has a small ellipse-shaped hole in the upper part of the body that, combined with the micro cut on the front frame, allows the sound to come out in any way the device is held.

So, although the main spaeker is positioned on the lower part, this “reinforcement” of Galaxy Note 10 gives an excellent surrounding effect, among the best in its category, with an excellent volume from video to games.

Talking about the working days, when you are in the office, spending hours at the desk with the telephone used only to make phone calls,  autonomy is certainly not a problem, especially if you keep the device on a wireless charging base.

However, Galaxy Note 10 battery has a very short duration, the feeling I have is that the battery drops down just by looking at it. Just take it in your hand, use it for a few minutes and you will see how the percentage drops by 1, 2, 3 and even 5% in 20 minutes.

When I need to travel, I can’t leave the house without a power bank. The discussion is totally different if we thing to the Galaxy Note 10 programs and features offered by Samsung.

Samsung management of applications, processes, notifications and connections with bluetooth products, whether they are wearable or cars is really unbelievable.

Everything always works well and continuously.

Galaxy Note 10 then has the S Pen that is tremendously functional, coherent and complete. Compared to Galaxy Note 9 the S Pen is better built, it has more features that could be useful and overall, it does exactly what it needs to do with a supporting software suite that I would call exemplary.

Regarding DeX and Security.

DeX is always concrete, solid, the best “PC-like” experience available on Android and, thanks to a better processor and RAM than Galaxy Note 9, it’s a pleasure to use. It has limitations, it is not yet able to totally replace a PC, but Samsung has done everything possible to make the desktop environment usable for the most classic needs.

Then there is DeX on notebook (Win or macOS) to me still an experiment for two factors: 1. the system is not as fluid and responsive as the version used directly on an external screen; 2. it is still difficult to understand.

In short, I have not yet figured out how to use DeX on PC / Mac in a useful way.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 10 shows how much Samsung makes a difference in the business environment. Knox make us feel protected because we really have a closed, private space that can be used for the work in extreme safety.

Samsung Pay is another feature that, as far as Google Pay is now reliable and used, it manages to make the difference if you have ATM cards that other systems don’t take. Furthermore, you can pay even if the shop does not have a real contactless thanks to the Samsung Pay technology.

Finally I have appreciated the management of double applications and the configuration of mail with dedicated work space.

And being able to sign documents with Word and the S Pen it is something that will make you appreciate a Galaxy Note more every day.

Coming to the “pictures” the Galaxy Note 10 is a confirmation: it is a Galaxy S10 with all the photographic quality of the previous Galaxy S released in 2019 and with an ultra-complete software that also allows you to take advantage of the S Pen to take pictures or change camera (front / back).

There is quality, the wide angle and the zoom as well. In short, the device passes the exam.

Samsung has filled the Galaxy Note with smiles, coloured writings, forgetting the improvement of the shooting, in short, with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note, Samsung is no longer in the top positions if we only talk about the photo section.

For videos Galaxy Note 10 really does an excellent job. 4K at 60fps, exceptional stabilization, endless duration, excellent audio and fast and precise focusing. In short, you can leave the camera at home, the Galaxy Note 10 is probably better than many solutions on the market, even if not too cheap.

Connectivity : nothing to say. Galaxy Note 10 works well, has excellent SAR values, ultra-complete connectivity, and an excellent Dual Sim management.

The audio during call is always comfortable. The vibration is very good, strong and customizable.

What is missing then? On the software side there is everything, but the battery is, a my opinion undersized.


If you are looking for a Galaxy Note, if the S Pen is the real reason that attracts makes you watch the Galaxy Note series, you have to go to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It is not “an obligation” but an advice: less sacrifice, better battery, screen bigger for a S Pen management.

If you are looking for a Samsung and the S Pen it is just an “accessory”, take the Galaxy S10 Plus: today, for the same minimum price, you will still have better autonomy and practically ” the same smartphone “.

The small Galaxy Note 10 is chosen with the heart, because we ”fall in love” with the device and cannot buy it rationally, because if we look to the price or to the real features we go of Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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