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Sony will release the brand new PlayStation 5 during Christmas 2020

Sony has confirmed the release of the PlayStation 5 during Christmas 2020 revealing the haptic joypad.



Sony will release the brand new PlayStation 5 during Christmas 2020

The announcement everybody was waiting was made yesterday. The PS5 is formally the successor of 2013’s PS4, and is the direct competitor of the Microsoft’s Xbox 2.

There is a lot of excitement around this new launch, the company revealed we will find improved performances, reduced loading times as well a new impressive hardware.

The company didn’t really confirmed a specific date, but for sure it will be during Christmas 2020, when typically the blockbuster releases new games.

Let’s have a review of PS history

  1. The first PlayStation was launched in Europe in 1995
  2. PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000
  3. PlayStation 3 in 2006
  4. PlayStation 4 in 2013
  5. PlayStation 4 pro in 2016

We can so see an average of six years between each new PlayStation generation. The PS5 controller will have “haptic” feedback, so related to the touch, and not anymore the “rumble” technology typically found in joypads.

The vibration will give different sensation when running through the field or through the mud.

The new PS5 will be able to play PS4 games, so that’s a great news, we will have the full compatibility, and in addition it seems the quality of the games will automatically increase with the new PS5 version.

The PS5 will be more than ten time faster than the previous PS4 version.

The PS5 will use standard 100GB Blu-ray disk, Sony previously confirmed that the console will offer a disc drive, but all games will have to be into the internal SSD.

Lastly we will get a user interface completely renewed, where we will see more detailed social features on the home screen.

For Sony we will see and directly launch specific features of a game (for example single-player level from the home screen, instead of first launching the game and then navigating in).

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