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For Martin Scorsese Marvel and superhero movies are not cinema

It will be nearly impossible to see a superhero movie directed by Martin Scorsese in the future, as the judgment of the Oscar winning producer has been extremely negative.



For Martin Scorsese Marvel and superhero movies are not cinema

“Cinemas are becoming amusement parks,” he said. “It’s not cinema, it’s something else.”

The American-Italian filmmaker, actor and historian, whose career spans more than 50 years, isn’t at all a fan of this genre and in particular of the Marvel ones.

For him movies should convey emotional, psychological and real experiences. But this kind of movies, even if well produced, remember him theme park.

He recently appeared at the closing night screening of The Irishman, held at the BFI London Film Festival. During the press conference, the discussion turned again on this topic and his impression on superhero movies.

So the debate open up again, and he doubled with more incendiary comments. He defined the cinema “invaded” by these kind of movies .

Maybe his concerns are linked to the fact that the studios have abandoned the kind of mid-budget adult dramas that Martin Scorsese is best known for.

For sure if studios do not advertise Martin Scorsese kind of dramas to reach the masses, and they screen on less than 1,000 screens across the US, we can’t in general blaming the audiences for not seeing them.

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