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Frozen 2: record box office for Disney in USA

Frozen 2 nabs record revenues in North America during the first weekend. Soon the Disney masterpiece will debut in many other countries around the world



Frozen 2: record box office for Disney in USA

A real record debut for Frozen 2, the sequel to the famous Disney blockbuster once again signed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. In fact, on the first weekend, Frozen 2 collected $127 million dollars in North America alone. This is a real record among animation films in November.

The collection, in fact, almost doubled that of the Incredibles in 2004, amounting to 70 million dollars.

Anna and Elsa set another important record, finishing in fourth place in the general cartoon charts, behind Finding Dory (135 million dollars in 2016).

The queen of the ice and her adventures, therefore, still very much fascinate the children who ran to the cinema so as not to miss the new adventures. What will happen to Elsa now? What will be the role of Anna in the kingdom? Will things have changed for them? The new Disney animated film will finally give answers to all fans.

Meanwhile, Frozen 2 is ready to make its debut in many other countries around the world and in those cases too great profits are expected given the expectation for this new Disney masterpiece.

Frozen remained in the top 10 at the box office for 17 weeks with a revenue of 1.27 billion, thanks also to the merchandising and the many Broadway shows made in the wake of the great success at the cinema. Will Frozen 2 repeat that enormous success? The premises are encouraging.

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